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The Kingdom of Bohemia

The roots of Czech culture, tradition and elite beer production

The grandeur of the Kingdom of Bohemia, sometimes referred to as the Czech Kingdom (modern day Czech Republic), had an immense effect on development of the Central European region. Fighting for its independence and way of life over the centuries, it rose to power in the 9th century and became a major medieval and early modern political, economic, and cultural leader. It was instrumental in shaping the customs and traditions of the modern Czech nation.


The Czech Republic

Modern day elite beer producers & world leaders in its consumption

Czech beer is considered the best in the world by experts and beer connoisseurs alike.  Its success is based on a mix of history, tradition and its world-class Czech hops. 

Modern day Czechs call their beer “liquid bread” and is an integral part of their daily lives.  Beer is ingrained in the Czech culture and is considered part of their national heritage.  The Czech Republic is not only famous for its beer production, but also in its consumption.  The Czech Republic has the highest annual beer consumption per capita in the world (almost 150 litres per person). The most common Czech beers are pilsners (pale lagers), which are characterized by their transparent golden colour, high amount of foam and lighter flavour.



The Magical Capital of Bohemia

The mystery and mystique of the historic capital of Bohemia can be found on every street corner and dimly lit cobblestone street. Ancient memories of the Bohemian King’s medieval coronation procession follow visitors up the long, winding path to its medieval castle.  Long forgotten stories whisper in the ears of those seeking secrets of the golden city.  Hundreds of spires perched far above the rooftops stab the Czech sky, as if to show the heights reached by the historical Bohemian capital.

This is Prague and the roots of Bohemian KING beer.

All who have visited Czech capital of Prague have been captivated by its history, style and atmosphere.  An encounter that leaves an imprint on your soul…carried with you forever. 


Brevnov Monastery Brewery

More than 1,000 years of experience and tradition in beer production

Within the historical capital of Bohemia is the epicentre for Czech beer production, the Brevnov Monastery Brewery.

The Brevnov Monastery is a Benedictine arch abbey founded in 993 A.D. by Saint Adalbert, the second Bishop of Prague, with the support of Duke Boleslav II of Bohemia. Upon its founding, its Benedictine monks established a brewery and began production of its now famous beer. The brewery at the Brevnov Monastery is still in operation today and has the oldest tradition of beer brewing in the Czech Republic. 

Bohemian KING Strong and Bohemian KING Mild strictly use recipes acquired from the brewmasters at Brevnov Monastery Brewery that utilize Czech beer brewing techniques and ingredients that have taken more than 1,000 years to perfect.


Czech Hops

The world’s finest hops for premium beer

Czech hops are known around the world as the finest, premium aromatic hops available and were extremely important for the success of Czech beer throughout the centuries.

The Czech Republic’s most famous hop is the premium „noble“ hop called Saaz Classic. This Saaz hop (Žatecký poloraný červenák in Czech) is used in premium beers around the world, giving them a fine, well-balanced taste and mild, earthy aroma.


The Saaz hop was named after the Bohemian city of Žatec (GermanSaaz), where it originated and was harvested.  This hop was, and is still, used throughout Bohemia to flavour beers such as the Czech pilsners and lagers.  Use of the Saaz hop ensures the taste and aroma of the beer is always at the very highest level.


The Sladek hop is a high quality Czech hop that blends perfectly with the Saaz hop to create a unique flavour and aroma. The Sladek hop has a slightly fruity flavour with essences of peach, passion fruit and grapefruit.

For the production of Bohemian KING Strong and Bohemian KING Mild, both Saaz Classic and Sladek hops are used.  The recipes acquired from the Brevnov Monastery Brewery specifically require the use of these two hops to achieve the taste and aroma of authentic Czech beer. 


Bohemia Beer Pvt. Ltd.

Bringing the authentic taste of Bohemia to India

The ancient Bohemian Kings fought for their independence and built their kingdom to withstand the ages. Their kingdom was created as a result of their courage and integrity, and their structures were built with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Although the Kingdom of Bohemia only lives in history books, and in the minds and hearts of all Czechs, their structures still stand tall and strong to this day.  As does the beer they created.  New facades may cover their legacy, but the quality and integrity of their work remains.

Bohemia Beer Pvt. Ltd. was established in New Delhi.  Their mission is to capture the height of Bohemian imagination and accomplishment within an authentic Czech beer.  With Bohemian KING beer, they have taken the ancient Bohemian spirit and tradition, together with their excellence in high quality beer production and the use of premium Czech ingredients, to create a modern and trendy beer worthy of its namesake.

With Bohemian KING Beer, Bohemia Beer Pvt. Ltd. brings the authentic taste and tradition of the Kingdom of Bohemia to Indian customers.

Bohemian KING Beer. For the bold and independent Bohemian in you.



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