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Unique Czech taste and aroma that has taken more than a millennia to perfect

Bohemian KING beer is unlike any other.  It’s a uniquely Czech beer that consists of a smooth, full-flavoured taste and delicate, hoppy aroma that take you on a journey through time and space.  From the first sip, you are whisked away to the legendary Bohemian Kingdom, where its leaders were fiercely independent and free of convention.  The birthplace of Czech culture and tradition.  A land where Czech beer was created, refined and perfected. The proud roots and defining spirit of all Bohemian KING products.

Bohemian KING beer is a premium beer brewed in strict accordance with highly guarded, traditional recipes used by brewmasters in the oldest brewery in the Czech Republic – the Brevnov Monastery brewery in Prague. The Brevnov Monastery brewery was established in 993 A.D. and has the oldest tradition of beer brewing in the Czech Republic.

The Brevnov recipes secured by Bohemian Beer Pvt. Ltd. reflect more than 1,000 years of refinement and use two carefully selected Czech hops to create this timeless Czech beer.

The SAAZ Classic Hop (early variety) is a premium quality “noble” hop grown in the Czech Republic and widely used to flavour premium Czech beers.  It gives Bohemian KING a world-class, well-balanced taste and mild earthy aroma with hints of herbs and spices. 

The SLADEK Hop (late variety) is a quality Czech hop that perfectly complements the SAAZ hop to deliver a traditional hoppy taste and slightly fruity aroma to Bohemian KING beer.

Bohemian KING is proud to offer its Indian customers two legendary beers that have taken more than a millennia to perfect – Bohemian KING Strong and Bohemian KING Mild.  




A premium beer
for the strong
of heart


A light Bohemian beer with a confident and full-flavoured taste. Strong, but drinkable, with a slightly hoppy aroma and a trace of delicate, smooth bitterness. Alcohol content of 7.0 – 7.5% v/v.





A lighter
premium beer
for all occasions 


A light-coloured lager beer that elegantly captures the spirit of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Its independent, carefree style and fresh taste can be enjoyed almost anywhere and anytime. Alcohol content of 4.5 – 5.0% v/v.



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